About Darcy

My name is Darcy Zink and my focuses include writing, film, and social media. I am the founder of Film Focused, a website that specializes in the latest news and reviews in the film industry and have 10+ years' experience creative writing as well as 5+ years creating compelling online content. I attended Washington College and majored in English Literature (with a focus in Shakespeare) and minored in Creative Writing before I transferred to Towson University after two years. At Towson, I double-majored in Film Production and English Literature and minored in Creative Writing. I was the recipient of the WJZ Jerry Turner Broadcast Journalism Scholarship for two consecutive years, which gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in writing and media. I have taken on many roles in the film industry including screenwriting, production, cinematography, directing, location scouting, costume design, hair/makeup, musical supervision, casting, sound and film editing, social media managing, and acting. In 2016/2017, I am publishing my first novel for young adults, titled Afterglow and am currently in the process of writing and directing my own horror short film, Aberration. I currently live in Maryland and have an affinity for all things horror, found footage movies, and can memorize all the words to my favorite film The Departed.